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eService Login

Login to eService or contact your Client Service Representative for more information.
The eService Center enables our clients to
view and print a variety of monthly account reports including:

  • Account Appraisals

  • Account Performance

  • Purchases and Sales

  • Cash Transactions

Reports are available through the most recent month-end and the preceding twelve months.

Mutual Funds Login

If you are a Mutual Fund Investor, please Login to Mutual Funds to go to your reporting site. Mutual Fund shareholders please call 1-800-633-3330.

CIT Login

If you are a CIT Investor who has been qualified by the team, please Login to CIT to CIT for account information. For access, please complete this form. Participation in the trust is limited to qualified investors and certain US tax exempt retirement plans.


If you are a McDonnell Investment Management, LLC client, please Login to Citrix to view your account statements.